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BBN: “This Friendship Is Over” Nengi Declares To Laycon After Their Last House Party.

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The tension in the Big Brother Naija House rose to a major point tonight as all the housemates, including the ones evicted all came together at the final party to officially mark the end of the viral show.

The housemates were all merry while they partied but the aftermath wasn’t so nice for Nengi, one of the house favorites. She broke down in tears as she declared that Ozo ignored her during the party. She even went further to sever her self acclaimed “friendship” with Ozo. She clearly declared this in front of Laycon while she was upset and shaky with tears.

Ozo and Nengi were fan favorites for viewers before the sudden eviction of Ozo. Both housemates were mostly found together during the show and definitely shared a lot of moments together.

Tonight, Nengi couldn’t help but feel devastated that Ozo might no longer be interested in their friendship as he (Ozo) appeared to have ignored her for most of the party.

Laycon has been speaking words of encouragement to help cheer up Nengi and help her feel better. He urged her not to feel bad about herself and brace up for better things to come.

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