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#BBNaija: I’m not sure I will be here next week that’s why I’m cooking for you all – Lucy

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Big Brother Naija housemate, Lucy has shared her intuition of being evicted this Sunday hence her decision to cook for the rest of the house throughout the week.

Lucy, who is usually referred to as the mother of the house took control of the kitchen earlier this morning as she prepared breakfast for the house and plans to cook lunch and dinner.

After being queried on the sudden change in attitude, Lucy replied that she is confident she won’t make it to next week, thus her reason to take it upon herself to cook for them as much as she can.

A BBNaija viewer while reacting to the story on Twitter asked, “is this another strategy to gain votes?

No one knows but there’s no doubt that Lucy has the most subtle yet active fans… So far, she’s never been among the bottom or even bottom five during the weeks she’s been up for eviction.

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