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Bbnaija: Nengi cried in the dairy room because of Ozo’s change in attitude(Video)

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Big brother called Nengi for a dairy session.This was how the conversation went.

Biggie:Nengi,how did you feel about last night’s eviction

Nengi: I felt so bad seeing 2 persons close to me leave.i don’t want to sound like a hypocrite ,i know i nominated prince but i felt like he has a great fan base to save him. He has never being nominated before so i felt like, he should experience it. Kiddwaya is my close friend as well. We vibe and play together and i felt so bad seeing him leave.

Biggie:How you feel so far being in Big brother house.

Nengi:i feel so great Biggie.Except that, Ozo has been an issue .I know its not easy because ,feelings are involved. i don’t wish to hurt his feelings by using blunt words on this relationship issue .Seriously,i am getting fed up with the relationship conversation.I feel like we can talk alot of things except relationships.I noticed that he is giving me attitude.Just like he did in week one when Prince got so close to me. I felt like it was immature. Since saturday ,he has been giving me a weird attitude. Even this morning,i tried talking to him,but the response he gave me was unlike him. I don’t know what to do Biggie. i feel like he is giving me a wired attitude. seriously,i am not comfortable with it.

Biggie: Nengi, there is no need to feel guilty because you rejected his advances.Don’t beat yourself up for being more assertive.

Nengi: yeah ,but i just feel like we can be friends. Maybe he doesn’t want friendship but relationship. I have a lot of ego, yet i tried forcing him to be my friend. That is because i like him.

Biggie:it may seem as though both of you want different things from eachother. So,if you don’t want to accept his offer,you can make new friends.But if there is any other option.Then it’s left for you to choose.

At this point,Nengi was already shedding tears because of Ozo’s weird attitude towards her. So, Big brother noticed and switched the conversation to the upcoming head of house game tonight.

Opinion: if Nengi doesn’t have any feeling for Ozo, why is she crying? She turned him down on several occcasion,yet she cries and complains whenever the poor boy decides to give her the space she required.

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