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BBNaija: Wathoni tells BrightO ” You know you want me in your space, stop pretending”

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A lot of relationships have been formed during the past few weeks in the Big brother house, some of them are termed Genuine by fans while others are said to be scripted and played like a game, which ever it is, a new relationship seems to be forming between Brighto and Wathoni.

Recall that Brighto is believed to be a master game player and manipulator, no wonder he is called the Lord Bealish of the house of Biggie, while Wathoni on the other hand is the gentle and Quiet Lady with a child. A relationship between them may seem like a perfect distraction for Wathoni who has on countless occasions said she was tired of most of the housemates and other stuffs going on in the Big brother’s house.

Here are some of the reactions to the both of them playing this morning

1) This wathoni is always seeking attention and when she doesn’t get it, she flips. She’s already too late with dis BrightO ship, she’s going home. She already told us to vote her out.

2) this brighto is very calculative, he knows wathoni will leave on Sunday so he is trying to get close so he can have her fans vote for him when she leaves. The boy and brain roll together.

3) Brighto my favorite has given Wathoni what she has wanted for sometimes now which is someone to talk to and always put a smile on her face. A king.

4) People hate wathoni so much, she has her flaws but so is everyone, they should let her be herself and not change her.

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