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BBNaija:”Erica got into the bathroom when me and Brighto were bathing ” – Neo to the housemates.

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After the housemates were done with their beltway trivia games in the garden they went back to the house and have a conversation while they were preparing for their upcoming task . Neo, Vee , Laycon and Trikytee were at the dining discussing about how to keep the house clean.

Neo told the housemates “the day that ever shocked me was the day big brother told us we have thirty minutes before our presentation and me and brighto ran into the bathroom together”. They asked him what happened , He said ” Erica got into the bathroom when me and brighto were bathing and she undressed herself and started bathing”, they other housemates were shocked Neo went on and said “I was very surprised and I was there shocked with brighto”.

See some reactions from the viewers and fans:

@petercool_ said: “So Erika got into the bathroom naked while Brighto and Neo were bathing. Lmaoo… God of Nengi coming through for the bathroom narrative”.

@kinaana_ said: “Neo: erica just got in naked and started bathing. Whiles me and bright o were inside. God will keep vindicating Nengi.”.

@willkillz said: “Erica bathes with Neo and BrightO ? Lmao laycon say she Dey sing when she Dey bath”.

@That_IjebuBadoo said: “Neo is saying Erica got into the bathroom when he was bathing & he was so shocked”.

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