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Bbnaija:”Laycon, do not tempt me”. Nengi warns

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During the Amazon farm task. The housemates were given one hour each to prepare a particular African food of their choice. All housemates were adviced to sit in the lounge while they are called up in turns for their cooking session.

Nengi was the next in line after Dorathy. While Nengi was cooking, Laycon tried to pick on her from his sitting position in the lounge. He said”Nengi i can’t perceive what you are cooking”.

Nengi replied” so Laycon you do not believe in me? That is heart breaking.

Recalling that Big brother made a rule of no “Sway words” today. Laycon then pleaded with Nengi to throw sway words at him for dis-crediting her food in advance.

Nengi,knowing that Laycon was trying to prank her into disobeying Big brother’s rule. She said” Laycon do not tempt me. I refuse to be tempted by you”

Laycon:i would had help you but sadly,no one is supposed to be in the kitchen with you.

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