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BBNaija:“When I Am Cooking, I Make It Spicy So That People With Ulcer like Erica Won’t Eat It”- Vee Reveals

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BBNaija:“When I Am Cooking, I Make It Spicy So That People With Ulcer Won’t Eat It”- Vee Beefs Erica
I hardly watch BBNaija but I did yesterday because I had a freetime yesterday and I was almost crying for Erica, there’s no excuse for whatever spinning around her. The words were mean! If Laycoon is hurt, his friends can have a discussion of course but there is a thin line between wickedness and looking out for someone.

Vee and Neo have crossed the line and Laycoon isn’t matured enough! Seriously it is now looking as if Erica is married to him, then dumped him for another man. And please what do they mean by saying she is disrespecting and doing PDA with Kids in front of him? I am livid! People express their likeness any how they please without an explanation to you especially especially if there was no commitment in the first place. Disrespect my foot!

It is so clear Vee is bitter and has a million hatred for Erica.

“When I am cooking, I make it spicy(pepperish) so that people with ulcer won’t eat it”, said Vee.

Knowing quite well Erica and Dora are ulcer patients. Is this wickedness of the century? No human feeling from Vee again. It is so glaring she wants Erica out of the house. Vee should remember that there is life outside BBNaija.

Watch Vee beefing Erica here:

Watch here also

This is my sincere opinion.

What do make of Vee’s hatred for Ericain the house?

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