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Effective ways to make money anywhere in the world- Reno

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In every human is that natural tendency to want to have dominion. To have dominion is to have authority, power and control. To have dominion is to have lordship, jurisdiction and sovereignty in life.
Life is designed in such a way that dominion has become imperative such that if you lack it, not only will you physically suffer, you will also feel strongly uncomfortable, psychologically and emotionally.
Lacking dominion is lacking power and authority over any, many or all areas of your life. The human nature is designed to crave for power to dominate their environment and circumstance.
We are naturally not designed to be controlled, we are designed to control, hence all humans have that tendency to always want to have their way and do what they want. It takes persuasion, coercion, intimidation, threat and sometimes force to get humans to do what they naturally wouldn’t do.
The rebellious tendency in every human, even a child is proof we are not designed to be dominated but to dominate. So when we find ourselves dominated, we are not happy, comfortable or at ease, we want to rebel or escape that condition of being dominated, controlled and subjugated.
By nature human beings are not supposed to be dominated by other humans. Humans are expected to dominate their circumstances, not other humans. However, humans dominate other humans as that is the main way they can dominate their circumstances.
If you can’t control other people, you can’t possibly have your way in life. If you can’t control people in and around your life, you can’t control what happens in and around your life.
That’s why humans are not interested in controlling or influencing people with no relevance, relationship or impact upon their own lives or ambition. People want to control other people, whose activities or choices can affect their own lives.
A critical requirement for a life of good success is the ability to have dominion. If you lack dominion you can’t successfully pursue your dreams, ambition and destiny in life. If you lack authority and control over your life and several areas of your life, you give up your independence and power to make your own decisions in life.
The number one craving of every normal human is dominion. We wake up every day, hit the road early; work hard all day long, seeking for the most powerful instrument for dominion. And what is this instrument? MONEY!
By nature’s design, life’s situation and circumstances are daily seeking to dominate you, subjugate you and suppress you. Life daily attempts to make you a “nobody” and inconsequential all through your period of sojourn on this planet. The weapon to fight back and in fact dominate these oppressor factors in life however, is money.
Without money, hunger will dominate you, poor health will dominate you, nakedness will dominate you, homelessness will dominate you, loneliness will dominate you, ignorance will dominate you and helplessness will dominate you. Truth is we don’t go out there seeking money daily, money means nothing without its power to defend you against dominating and oppressing factors of life.
The purpose of money is to defend you against life’s oppressors. The extent to which you have money will determine the extent of your freedom and even dominion in life. Money is a defense, if you lack it, life will attack you and conquer you.
My dear friend, what is dominating you today? What is oppressing you, what is controlling you, what has held you captive for too long, what has restricted you, imprisoned you and chained you down in smallness and mediocrity all these years? I assure you with money, you will find instant freedom. Any problem money cannot solve, only God can solve it.
Don’t let anyone deceive you that money is not everything, I assure you dear friend; money is everything after God.
Anything anyone tells you money cannot do, I promise you poverty and lack of money cannot do it either. Anything money can’t do, poverty too can’t do it, only God can do it.
Its true money can buy bed but can’t buy sleep, poverty cannot buy bed and cannot buy sleep too. It is better to be awake on a comfortable bed in an air-conditioned bedroom with lovely pillows and duvet and scented candles and soft music, than to lie down under the bridge, on a piece of carton with mosquitoes making a feast of you and singing in your ears. It is God that giveth his beloveth sweet sleep both in a comfortable bed and under the bridge, it has nothing to do with money or lack of it.
Ladies and gentlemen, do you have money? The almighty creator expects us to have dominion in this life, without money however, dominion is impossible.
In what areas are you exercising true dominion in your life? Where is your power, where is your authority, where is your control?
Do you have dominion over your time? Your time is your life. The first and most important reason you should obtain the instrument of dominion is to buy your time – your time is your life! He who pays for your time pays for your life.
The one who pays for your time, controls your life. They decide where you should be, what you should do, when you should arrive, when you should leave, when you should rest and even how much time you’re allowed to spend with your family and loved ones. Hence it is important for you to redeem your time in good time, the days are evil, don’t sell your time all your life, you need to use money to buy back your time while you still have the energy to manifest your own greatness. Your time is your life, that’s why on tomb stones, dead people’s lives are measured in time. Mr. so, so, so 192 something to 199someting. Life is time!
You need money to buy your time in this world. That’s the first area you need to dominate – your time. You need to have power, control, authority and charge over your own time. Buying your time is buying your freedom.
People without dominion over their time, have no dominion over their lives, hence can’t plan their lives as they want it, can’t set goals and apprehend, can’t make decisions and stick to it, can’t chase dreams, and pursue purpose successfully. They need control of time to do all these, yet, they lack it because they are yet to redeem their time; they’re yet to buy it off the hands and control of those who currently hold their time and pay them for it. All they may have to show is material possessions and acquisition, they ware yet to experience the spirit of dominion – and that’s what makes us complete and fulfilled as humans. Without dominion, you’re short of realizing your full potentials and manifesting your hidden self. Yet, the whole creation eagerly awaits your manifestation. Without redeeming your time form the holders of your time, your possibility to fully manifest your full glory in this life remains remote. You need money to buy your time in good time.
The second reason why you need money is for you to buy the truth. You are expected to buy the truth and never forfeit it. Knowledge is power, knowledge applied is dominion. Knowledge is having the truth. Being informed is not being knowledgeable. Having knowledge is having an understanding of how something works. If you know how something works, you can dominate it, control it and use it to your advantage. People are destroyed and destinies waste not because people lack information, it’s because they lack knowledge. Information is cheap, it’s everywhere, just google it, but knowledge is expensive because it is the truth and it is the truth that makes you free, not information.
That’s why schooling, courses, trainings, seminars and workshops are paid for. You attend to buy the truth not seek information. When you buy the truth it makes you free. When you apply the truth wisely to different areas of challenges in your life, you experience freedom and manifest dominion in those areas. There is actually nothing called problems in this world, the only problem in life is lack of the truth about a situation. Once you have the truth, the answer, the solution, the problem naturally disappears.
Dear friend, when you redeem your time and buy the truth you will naturally manifest dominion. Get legitimate money, not cursed money. Buy your time, buy the truth and have dominion.

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