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Governor of Lagos State, Sanwo Olu joins today’s Lagos protesters as they protest against SARS

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The END SARS protest which started about a week ago has indeed created a lot of positive impacts to the point that the president of NIGERIA had to personally address the nation, live on TV to speak against the Police brutality.

He also maintained that the SARS unit remains disbanded and also that reforms and justice would be served.

Even after this, remember that they have made the same promise every year for four years now, the youths still came out in their masses to protest.

While the governor of Rivers decided to ban protest in Rivers State, youths still came out to protest.

The governor of Bayelsa employed the police officers to desist from using force in protesters.

And today, The governor of Lagos State has decided to walk the walk by joining protesters in Lagos to protest against Police brutality and SARS.

We hope they don’t politicize this protest.

Below are some Images.

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