March 6, 2021


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Guys, What Is The Sweetest Thing A Lady Has Ever Done For You?

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Hi Guys!!
To be sincere, ladies can be the salt of life for men when they really want to be nice and of course, they can be the bitter leaf in your life when they actually want to wicked you.
Many times, I have enjoyed many nice gestures from ladies but the one that actually bursted my head most was after my NYSC service year.
After loosing all the money I saved during service to MMM that, I had no choice than to be looking for job with empty pockets.
My girl at that time was the one giving me money, sponsoring my trips for interviews and all. When I finally got a job, she was the only one there for me financially till I got my first pay.
The funny thing is, she is not even earning much from the work she was doing at that time, but she still find a way to turn up for me when in need.
That was so sweet of her!!
That’s mine, so over to you guys
What Is The Sweetest Thing A Lady Has Ever Done For You In This Life?
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