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“He never told me he was sickle cell”– Erica refutes claim of mocking Laycon despite knowing his genotype

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Big Brother Naija ‘lockdown’ housemate, Erica has come out to refute claims that she mocked fellow housemate Laycon despite knowing his genotype.

Erica refute claims

Few weeks back Laycon opened up about his genotype to his fellow housemates, stating that he’s “SC” and doesn’t like to share the information with people to avoid pity.

Erica refute claims

However, the revelation took a new toll as many fans of the musician took to Twitter to accuse Erica of body shaming Laycon despite knowing he was sickle cell.

According to many fans, Erica was the only housemate who knew about Laycon’s genotype before now and used it against during their fight in the house.

Twitter users claimed that during the fight Erica stated that Laycon would die before 50years because he hasn’t taken his drug for weeks.

The actress has now addressed the issue, claiming she had no idea Laycon was “SC”.

She further stated that all she said during their fight was as a result of bottled up emotions and not because she knew he was sickle cell.

In her words,

“I am very sensitive to people’s feelings, If I do things wrong I always go back to apologize and there’s no time I’ve ever used whatever someone says to me against them.

“Laycon never told me he was ‘SC’ there’s no time he ever said that to me.. He knows he never said that to me , Left to me Laycon was fine, Laycon was alright.

“It was just bottled up emotions and obviosly I was under the influence, that is it”

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