July 30, 2021


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How Wicked Can People Be? – What’s The Most Terrible Thing Someone Has Ever Done To You?

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Some people are just naturally wicked, I swear to God
I swear this story online and I decided to share with Naijaloadites and also hear from them the most horrible they’ve seen people do to them or others.
Read this story below
A Ghanian music singer (name withheld) during one of her interviews revealed that while she was growing up, at about 6 years old, her family lived in abject poverty so she had to go work as a housemaid in someone’s house.
On a faithful day, she came back from the market and was very hungry, there was no food to be given to her, so her employer (Madam) told her to eat the feces *Shit* of her baby before she would be given food to eat
She ate the feces out of hunger and was then offered food to eat.. Ha, how wicked can someone be?
What If You Were In Her Shoes, Would You Eat Such?
Tell Us Your Own Story Too, What’s The Most Horrible Thing Someone Has Done To You?
Let’s hear from you all.
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