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“I know Laycon get feelings for you but you and Kiddwaya match” -Praise tells Erica, Fans react

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As the love triangle between Erica, Kiddwaya and Laycon continues in the big brother house. Praise yesterday night advises Erica that Kiddwaya is the best match for her that she should think about herself first and have fun.

In his word, he said “I know say LAYCON get feelings for you, but my darling, you and KIDDWAYA match. Make you no dey feel like say person dey feel say you hurt am. Think about yourself first and have fun. Las las nobody know wetin go happen after BBN”

Below are reactions from fans to what he told Erica;

King Brian: “After he will be telling Laycon otherwise… Guy na snitch long time”.

Oluchi: “Lass lass Laycon doesn’t need a girl who outrightly make out with her special friend and catch feelings”.

Funds Wale Khalifa: “This dude should be vote out before he get the house on fire, he used to be laycon confider but now going against him and have been picking on him over wathoni through out the day”.

Do you think Praise advise to Erica is relevant?

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