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“I’d rather carry a plastic bag with £5k in it than a £5k louis Vuitton bag with £100 in it” — Anthony Joshua

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Nigerian-British professional boxer, Anthony Joshua has revealed that he would rather carry a plastic bag with £5k (2,468,058.35 naira) than rock a Louis Vuitton with £100 (49,361.94 naira).

According to Joshua his goal is to win and not to look like he his winning.

The two-time unified heavyweight champion who took to his Snapchat to educate his fans on the difference between planning for one day and planning for the next generation, stated that his goal was to build generational wealth.

In his words,

“I would rather carry a plastic bag with £5000 pounds in it than £5000 pound Louis Vultton bag with £ 100 pounds in it.

“The goal is to win not for us to look like we are winning.

“we are either planning for Saturday night or planning for the next generation”. He added.

Similarly, Joshua recently took to his social media to urge his fans to give their parents a good life than a befitting burial.

According to him, children should learn to take care of their parents while they are alive as they can not see your love after they are gone.

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