May 11, 2021


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‘If You Don’t Like Someone, Don’t Collect Gifts And Cash From Them’– Nigerian Lady To Fellow Ladies

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A Nigerian lady simply identified as Madam Lydia has made a comment we strongly believe will upset these contemporary ladies, especially the slay queens who think a relationship is the simplest way of meeting their financial demands.

According to Lydia, it’s simply unacceptable for a woman to be collecting gifts and cash from men when they know they don’t like them romantically. She wrote on Twitter;

”If you don’t like someone don’t collect gifts and cash from them. Period!

Extend that dislike everywhere”

See the post:

Her comment predictably generated massive reactions from netizens. See some of the few ones we gathered for you.

@JOEvibez__ said; The dislike ends with the person abeg.. Let’s not drag innocent gifts into the squabble..

@EmerianMimi; So I should reject a whole money too cz I don’t like Dem. is Dem I don’t like not der gift

@racehiakala; The only reason I don’t like taking things from guys (who aren’t platonic friends) is the expectation they have. They basically believe they own you and you owe them your life. I don’t like that rubbish, so I just stay away. That way, no one can stress me!!

@olisa_golden; What if you didn’t ask and it was just dropped on you

@oodeezee replied @olisa_golden: You didn’t ask for the person’s love either yet… I rest my case.

@psycho_berries; If I don’t like a person I would decline even an outing

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