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Is Vee pregnant? Fans react as Neo discuss with Vee after missing her Period

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The drama countinue to unfold as speculation about s3x and romantic display between Neo and Vee generate concern for BB naija season 5 viewers. It longer a news that Neo and Vee are deeply inlove with several report of se3ual intercourse among them.

Fresh report from the house reveal that Vee has missed her period and Neo is curios about it calculating the last time she experienced menstruation. BB naija official camera man kayode is being dragged on social media for disallowing members of the public in viewing hot sessions in the house despite rating the program +18.

RoyalNG gathered mixed reactions from fans on social media with respect to vee and Neo assertion:

Kidney said:Neo the Knackademos, #bbnaija baby is on the way.
The real stars 😂😂
Kayode 6000yrs for you o, be keeping secret from us.

Beverley said:

Vee has missed her period and is calculating with fear of pregnancy. But I’ve never seen them intimate o. Or Kayode didn’t show us🤔🤔#BBNaija

Adver iron said

Vee won’t be having this “period” conversation with neo if they haven’t had s3x…it would’ve have been an awkward subject…and they said kayode is protecting kiddrica… silly hypocrites

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