November 24, 2020


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“It has been tough mentally “- Vee writes after Fan asks why she’s missing from squad hangout

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After the big brother house, few of the housemates have been seen together. Dora has been hanging out alot with prince, Erica with Kidd ,Ozo with Nengi,Laycon and Neo members of the “Lovin”family without Vee. 

While on the show, everyone attributed the Lovin Family to Ozo, Neo, Nengi, Vee and Laycon. They were always seen together, either eating, dancing or just hanging out. 

Ozo and Laycon have been hanging out alot recently that they even have a ship name named “ozlay”.

Nengi and Neo have been hanging out also, they recently took a trip together to Bayelsa state. But Vee seems to be missing from all these fun hangouts.A fan noticed and commented under a photo of Laycon and Ozo and shortly after Vee makes a post. 

She just tweeted how this month has been tiring for her mentally. 

Is everything ok with her, she has been missing from all the endorsement and hangouts .

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