January 23, 2021


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Just For Fun:- What Street Job Do You Think Olamide, Zlatan, And Naira Marley Can Fit Into Aside Music

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Hi Guys,
Music is undoubtedly one thing that a lot of street and aspiring kids are dreaming to have an affiliation to. Who no like celebrity lifestyle?
Music have actually helped a lot of street kid get a better life. It has helped some others know what their gift is. Music have actually saved a lot of hopeless souls get an inspiration on getting a better life aside doing crime. For those who have creative minds, music have helped a lot of people discover their talents.
Thank God for music oooo . Have you ever wondered how the standard of living of most of our street artistes would be if not for music.
Imagine the likes of Shanawole, Shoki Shitta, and co have some musical talents or affiliations and they are in the industry, perhaps Speed Darlington would have a competition. What will Guchy Branch be doing without Zlatan and Naira Marley sef ?
Imagine the likes of Olamide, Zlatan, and Naira Marley without any musical talents on the street. Only God knows what job they can do to fetch them money.
As For Me:-
Olamide will be a good tout working in garages or be another Chief Shoki Shitta because he knows how to hype someone till you drop money.
Zlatan can do like all those people that sells fake phones inside Lagos hold up or an okada man.
Naira Marley no doubt will be a houseboy or rather another Guchy Branch. He doesn’t talk much but he knows how to get you talking and he is raw.
So Guys, the question here is
What Street Job Do You Think Olamide, Zlatan, And Naira Marley Can Fit Into Aside Music
Lets have your say on this one
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