January 22, 2021


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Just IN: 90-years Margaret Keenen becomes the first human to receive Pfiefer Covid-19 Vaccine in the World.

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The race to provide lasting cure for deadly Covid-19 is currently underway as thousands of researches have been conducted worldwide. The year 2020 is full of twist and turn after the outbreak of deadly pandemic “coronavirus” from China. As it widely regarded by Donald Trump as “Chinese virus”, UK group of scientist have developed a promising vaccine called Pfiefer Covid-19 Vaccine.

History was made today as Margaret Keenen becomes the first human on planet earth to receive Covid-19 Vaccine at Coventry University Hospital in UK. The 90-years old woman was vaccinated by expirenced Filipino nurse May Parsons.

As trial session countinue, people across the globe hopes the world would finally defeat Covid-19 pandemic disease which have claimed millions of lives.

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