March 6, 2021


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Let’s Discuss! Police, Government Or NEPA, Which Do You Think Receives Curse The Most Daily From Nigerians?

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Without mincing words, we all know these three will never go a day without receiving curses from typical Nigerians.
The reason is not farfetched, these three are nothing it greatest disappointments of this nation.
Imagine Nigerians living for decades and doesn’t see any cause to send prayers to these three. This shows how disappointing they can be.
Although, the curse directed to the Nigerian police took another dimension in recent time due to the incessant killing of youths and citizens by the SARS official of the police force.
However, the hatred for the government is their inability to give policies for the betterment of the people of the country. They rather bring policies to enrich their families only.
What about the NEPA? Although they changed the name. but Nigerians never stopped calling them NEPA. They are in charge of the electricity and they seem to be the oldest disappointment of the country.
Among These 3 Who Do You Think Receives More Curses From Nigerians Daily?
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