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Must Read: Exclusive interview with FunkyGee- Alert Crooner.

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In a no-holds-barred interview with a popular pop artist, FunkyGee, granted by RoyalNg Media correspondent. The interview was born out to unveil some Frequently Asked Questions about this popular “Alert” crooner.
RoyalNg Media: Good morning, Can I meet you?
FunkyGee: I am Oyelowo Gabriel, f

ondly called FunkyGee.
RoyalNg Media: Tell us little about you, where you hail from and your academic sojourn.
FunkyGee: I’m a good going person a student of Mapoly, a playful guy and I’m from Ogun state born in Lagos State.
RoyalNg Media: “Alert” your just released songs has caught up more fame for you in the Music Industry and has been trending already, What is the inspiration behind it?
FunkyGee: ☺ The inspiration behind that song is something that really touch my heart. The ups and down that one face all because we trying to make ends meet but I pray each and everyone get an Alert that will change our lives. If you carefully listen to the song you can see it all about prayers.
RoyalNg Media: Ladies are distraction, they say. With your popularity, how do you manage them?
FunkyGee: ☺ They say but I don’t have any experience like that.
RoyalNg Media: When do you start your music career and More so, who are you looking forward to working with?
FunkyGee: Started 2013, that was when I recorded my first track 2014, I am willing to work with anyone that God brings to my way but base on my kind of, I will love Oritsefemi Or Zlatan.
RoyalNg Media: Who are your role model in the Music Industry?
FunkyGee: ☺ One Star Boi and King Wasiu Ayinde 😂 KWAM1.
RoyalNg Media: Okay…
Have you been signed under any record label since you start your music career?
FunkyGee: No, I have not been signed under any record label since I started my music career.
RoyalNg Media: When should your fans be expecting another jamz from you?
FunkyGee: Anytime soon.
RoyalNg Media: Say shoutout to your fans out there and wish them well.
FunkyGee: Thanks to all my fans that keep supporting me God bless you guys and I promise to make you proud 😉
RoyalNg Media: Thank you for your time. More power to your elbow.
FunkyGee: You are always welcome.

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