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‘My Mum Would Have Called Me Stupid For Proposing To You’ – Ozo Tells Nengi

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The Big Brother Naija Lockdown House has been nothing short of revelation with the many happenings and interesting occurrences that has characterized the house since the reality television show started. With the show entering its final two weeks, many fans are now rooting more than ever for their favourite housemates.

One of the most interesting situationship in the house has been that of Nengi and Ozo. Both housemates have been something of an item since the inception of the show. Ozo made his intentions known to Nengi only for him to get turned down by the beautiful female housemate.

This seemingly put a strain, albeit a temporary one, on their relationship, with Ozo keeping his distance from Nengi, a development which didn’t sit well with the female housemate who had to confront Ozo to register her displeasure over his snubbing acts.

With the incident now put behind them, Ozo and Nengi were seen together on Tuesday afternoon, with Ozo helping to undo Nengi’s hairdo. In the course of this, they both got talking with Nengi telling Ozo that he won’t have time once he leaves the Big Brother house.

The conversation then veered towards what Ebuka said on Sunday about Ozo proposing to Nengi. Ozo then replied that Ebuka ‘casted’ him on national television and that his mom would cringe at his actions. In his words: “Ebuka casted me, my mom would have cringed at what I did, she would have called me stupid for proposing to you and ask if that was what I came to do in the Big Brother house.”

Recall that Nengi won the Head of House games on Monday, with the female housemate now assured of a place in the finale of the Big Brother Naija Lockdown House.

Do you think Ozo is coming back to his senses or he would go back to Nengi soon? Let us know your thoughts under the comment section and don’t forget to like and share.

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