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Nengi is looking for Ericas trouble see what she was doing with kiddwaya this morning

The Big Brother’s Show is still on and going as the remaining housemates are still in contention for the price at the end of the live events.

One of the female housemates, Nengi is known to be a playful human being and always likes to mingle with guys compared to the girls in the Big brother’s house. Nengi likes to flirt with Kiddwaya knowing full well that Kiddwaya is the boyfriend of Erica in the house.

This morning sees Nengi leaving the conversation between her and Ozo to flirt with Kiddwaya. Nengi was videoed touching Kiddwaya’s body without any shame. Kiddwaya is also aware of the fact that Erica would get annoyed if she sees Nengi touching his body so he began to avoid the touches of Nengi.

See some pictures from the scene

The video is available through the link.

It would be better for Nengi to stay away from Erica’s Man, Kiddwaya because it can bring trouble between the two ladies. Erica does not like seeing Nengi flirting with kiddwaya and Nengi should accept her preference.

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