May 19, 2022


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Netizens Expose Ahmed After He Called Wizkid Out Blaming Him For His Father’s Death – Video

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Some netizens have exposed Ahmed to lying after he called out Wizkid blaming him for his father’s death and not fulfilling the promise of signing him to his record label.

Ahmed out of the blue decided to call out Wizkid for not fulfilling the promises made to him after 4yrs blaming him for his father’s death saying it’s what made him go out to the street as none of that would have happened if he had fulfilled his promise.

Some netizens who know more about what happened to Ahmed exposed him by defending Wizkid saying he was sent to the same school as Basit a young boy Wizkid promised to help with his education and he has expressed how grateful he is to Wizkid for such an opportunity after graduating.

But Ahmed is blaming Wizkid for his failure and according to these netizens, he got expelled from the school for being a bad influence on the other kids and is now blaming Wizkid for not signing him to his record label when he failed to graduate from the school he was sent to.

Some others were slamming Ahmed for his sense of entitlement and blaming Wizkid for his father’s death as if he has a hand in it or he’s obligated to do anything for him as he can decide to help him or not, it’s his decision even after promising him.

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