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OPPO Defended Erica As Customer Promised Not to Patronize Them

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The Big Brother Naija reality show has come to an end but clashes among fan base always turn out to exit on the reality show till the very day a new season begins. Oppo was one of the sponsors of the just concluded season of the reality show. During the Big Brother Naija reality show Erica, Kiddwaya, Praise and Dorathy won the task from OPPO which earned Kiddwaya and Dorathy a millionaire while Praise and Erica won five hundred thousand naira.

Though, after the reality show housemates has been going to offices of sponsors to party with them and also get their cash prize. Despite the fact that Erica and Kiddwaya won OPPO task the two housemates were not at the prize presentation.

Photo of the moment OPPO defended Erica.

Erica’s fans felt bad and thought the brand refused to award Erica her prize. The customer wrote and I quote. ‘ @oppophone I went to their page at least to check phones, on getting there I saw how they presented gifts to housemates and I remember vividly that Erica won OPPO and 500,000 but didn’t see them presenting to Erica and my love for them decreased and I am not interested in patronizing them again.’

At this point OPPO replied in defense that they already prepare to gift Erica and Kiddwaya their cash prize and phone. OPPO made it clear that the unavailability of Erica won’t make them deny her cash prize.

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