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People thought because I’m fine so I have nothing reasonable to offer- Nengi

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Season 5 Bb Naija finalist Nengi said one of the misconception people have about her and hit her hard is beauty without value.

Nengi said people thought because I’m beautiful so I don’t have anything upstairs. But I have been able to prove them wrong. My kind of person I am reserve I don’t like to show off at all. So I love to prove people wrong a whole lot of times because they think this girl is a fine girl so she is a dullard.

Well large percentage of people that reacted to this are of the opinion no doubt Nengi proved many haters wrong with the smartness. Laycon also attest to this that Nengi is a smart lady and of course intellectually sound.

Some are also of the opinion saying the words get to her when Lucy said it and she didn’t act on it that very day says a whole about her character.

Does Nengi truly have something to offer? Drop comments.

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