November 27, 2021


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Pretty Mike Slams Seyi Shay Over Harsh Words On Lady Who Quit Her Job To Audition for Nigerian Idol

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Taking to his Instagram page, Pretty Mike penned a very lengthy write-up recounting how his high school teacher established a mass choir from the scratch encouraging them to audition and showcase their unique talents.

According to Mike, he watched the video of Seyi Shay dropping harsh comments on a lady who quit her job to audition for singing show Nigerian idol and he was incredibly sad.

He wrote;

I remember when I was 14/15 years old and still in high school “what we Nigerians call,secondary school” .
I was quite active in a lot of school activities, ranging from track and Field ,basketball etc….
So this one time ,we got an offer to participate in a singing competition in Dallas Texas. 
Our music teacher had to build a mass choir for it.
A lot of students auditioned and I remember telling the music teacher that I couldn’t sing perfectly then he said “everyone can sing”.
I watched him build a mass choir from nothing.Refined everyone till we got to the finale.We didn’t win,I think we came 5th or so but we won our school a violin.He wasn’t my best teacher but I believe he deserves his coins for seeing in us what we didn’t see in ourselves.Having seen a video of a 19 years old girl auditioning at Nigerian Idols and Seyi Shay specifically saying she can’t sing and shouldn’t consider plying that route is the sickest thing I’ve seen recently,Kindness is so easy to give, I really don’t know why people choose otherwise.She’s just a lady with a dream!
Killing people’s confidence can only stem from a place of deep seethed insecurity and hate.
It sickened me watching that girl grovel for an opportunity that wasn’t even worth her dignity.
I pray she learns and works on her voice.
I pray she understands that a thousand Seyi Shays don’t have the final say over her aspirations and life.
For the judges of these shows and auditions , The gap between constructive criticism and undiluted harshness is as wide as the Pacific Ocean,they can never be the same.
For contestants of Nigerian idols,Big brother Naija and every other reality or talent hunt show out there,I want you to know that your dreams are valid and achievable

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