January 24, 2021


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Second Wave of EndSARS protest kicks off

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Another EndSARS protest has evolved on December 7th at Lekki toll gate. The Nigerian youth see the need for a massive change in the country and as a result,they have organized another peaceful protest to make their intentions as well as grievances known to the Nigerian government.
This new development was announced by AIT, it said that “#EndSARS protest continues at Lekki toll gate.”
Recall that the first wave of the protest,on October 20th, led to a bloodshed which resulted to loss of many lives in nook and cranny of the country, properties of both government and private individuals. In sequel to this, the government blamed the masses for the chaos witnessed in all parts of the country. Citizens were unlawfully arrested and prosecuted. Even with this, the online protesters continued to lend their voice on Twitter to promote EndSARS protest.

Among the issues raised during the period of the protests were corruption, mismanagement of public funds, hoarding of Covid-19 palliatives and most importantly, maltreatment, extortion and detention by SARS.

There were various media outlet that disseminated news about the disbandment of SARS but it was a ruse and little did Nigerians know that the Nigerian government had another plan: They announced the formation of another new armed forces called SWAT.
Now, Nigerians have come back with full fledge to finish what they had already started. Stay tuned for subsequent updates regarding second wave of EndSARS protest.

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