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See Erica’s reactions after Laycon & Vee sang their team song during rehearsals.

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In this article I present to you Erica’s reaction from the moment Laycon and Vee sang their team song today during rehearsals.

Today the housemates engages in another music task, which saw Laycon, Vee, Ozo and Erica in same team.

The housemates will be provided with a beat while they compose their own lyrics to the beat. Laycon and Vee apparently are the two music person in the group, so Ozo and Erica gave them the chance to make the music.

During the process of making the music that Laycon and Vee are feeling themselves, Erica doesn’t have a choice that to blush and smile. She was seen nodding her head and enjoying the melody from the song.

Erica’s expressions shows she is enjoying all the vibes coming from Laycon and Vee. At a certain time she was miming the song with them.

Thought some set of fans are not happy they are in same group. Another set of fans are of the opinion this shows Erica is a pure soul, enjoying the music of Laycon without any biased mind.

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