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See How Nengi Replied Biggie When He Said Her Journey Has Ended In The Innoson Car Task.

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The housemates all competed with each other in today’s task to win the smashing and absolutely shiny brand new Innoson Caris car, and after Laycon was removed from the competition, Trikytee, Vee and Nengi had followed suit, leaving Neo, Dorathy, and Ozo in the race.

However, the funny reply Nengi had given Biggie was what had captured my interest when she had replied him in a sarcastic way, a move that might likely give her a strike.

The conversation has ensued like this…

Biggie: Nengi, Your journey has ended

And Nengi had replied

Nengi: My Journey In Life Has Not Ended Yet oo

Nengi is setting herself up for some really painful strike, especially as she is so close to being in the finals, and her Hoh status doesn’t have any impact on her getting a strike or not. She should be careful with her words, if not she would end up as Erica, evicted from getting 3 strikes.

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