September 27, 2021


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This Marriage Will Last – Sandra Iheuwa Tells A Lady Who Accused Her Husband Of Being A Womanizer

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Ubi Franklin’s Baby Mama Sandra Iheuwa has replied to a lady who accused her husband to be Steve Thompson of being a womanizer and she is desperate for a husband.

According to the lady, everyone knows Sandra Iheuwa’s husband to be is a womanizer and has been sleeping with all the ladies he comes across in Lagos but because she’s desperate for a husband she has turned a blind eye to that.

The lady added that Steve Thompson at one point in time said he’s marrying Sandra Iheuwa because of her money and nothing else but yet Sandra Iheuwa is blinded and desperate for a husband hence wants to marry him.

The lady also claimed that everyone knows that the Royal Hair boss Steve Thompson doesn’t love her therefore they doubt whether this marriage of theirs will even last and she will be there to drag and troll her if it ends in tears.

Sandra Iheuwa replying to the lady apologized to her for her husband to be sleeping with her and leaving her to marry another confirming to her that their marriage will last a lifetime and forever hence there would be no need for her threat.

Sandra Iheuwa then added that she doesn’t know why the lady is telling her all that but she should keep trying because there’s nothing no one can do to stop their marriage and it will last for a lifetime and forever.

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