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Vee advice Laycon after she overhead Erica’s conversation with Kiddwaya

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It’s no new news that Laycon since the start of the show had shown interest in being in a relationship with Erica. Their friendship which has since turned sore after Erica’s infamous “I am only attracted to your emotionally but to Kiddwaya physically” statement made waves on social media. She blankly rejected Laycon’s proposal as she choose Kiddwaya over him.

There relationship since then have become a thing of “Hide and seek”, as at one time, she called him to question why he choose to avoid her.

Today during a conversation between Laycon and Vee, Vee told him that he should be very careful and return to the way he usually ignored Erica. This warning came Erica was seen giving Laycon some facials after she promised to do it for him yesterday and then later went on to talk with Kiddwaya.

According to Vee who had to go close the door behind her so no one would listen to Their conversation, she said that Erica was talking to Kiddwaya just after the Facials she gave him, Erica and Kiddwaya were arguing on who is in charge in the relationship and she then told him that he better fix up or she would change him for someone else, and along the line, Laycon’s name came up. She said Kiddwaya asked her who would she replace him with and she said Laycon and they bother laughed.

Vee believes Erica is very manipulative and has adviced Laycon to stay away from her. Here is the link to the video

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