September 25, 2021


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WAR OF WORDS! Pep Guardiola Blast Klopp Over Transfer Spending

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Manchester City manager, Pep Guardiola has hit back at Jurgen Klopp over the German’s claim about Citizens’ spending in the transfer market.
Guardiola is unhappy at the Liverpool manager’s comments, where he (Klopp) was quoted last week as saying that City are among a handful of clubs in the world who can spend big in every transfer window.
Klopp had said,
“We are not in this fantasy land where you just get whatever you want. You cannot do it constantly” and then named City as one of the four clubs who flouted the norm.
Guardiola, when asked about it during today’s press conference ahead of the two clubs meeting in the Community Shield, made it plain that he was unhappy.
“It bothers me. Of course it bothers me, because it’s not true that we spend £200million in every transfer market,” Guardiola said.
“That is not true. So it’s Liverpool, you’ll never walk alone, so it’s not a small team. It’s Liverpool. So of course I don’t like it, because it’s not true.
“Last season we spent £17million (net spend) on one player.
“Two seasons ago if we spent a lot it’s because I took over the team and we had ten or 11 players over 30 years old so we had to do it.
“But we cannot spend £200million every season. For example last season Liverpool spent more than £200million last season, and cannot do it this season, but it’s the same.
“We bought one player this season and Angelino, who we made a payback clause and came back with us and that’s a reality.
“Today clubs cannot spend every single season a lot of money. I don’t know about other clubs, but if they can do it, they can do it.
“That’s why financial fair play and something is wrong, clubs that are not correct will be punished. That’s a reality.
“I am not commenting about other managers. They say what they want to say, but I say that is not true.”

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