November 27, 2021


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Why Do Nigerian Mums Think Wearing NYSC Uniform Is A Sign Of Success?

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The heavenly love between mothers and their children can never be quantified.
When we talk about always wanting the best for children, Nigerian mum beats all mums to that in the world. Every mum wants all the best for their children even if they don’t show it.
Education is the best legacy they say, but most mothers do not believe you are educated unless you’ve worn that khaki. It obviously is the most joyous moments most mums have. Even joyous than the day you graduate from school or get a job.
The purpose of the scheme is primarily to put into every Nigerian Youths the spirit of selfless service to the community, and to emphasize the spirit of oneness and brotherhood of all Nigerians, irrespective of cultural or social background.
The mentality Nigerian mums have about the National Youth Corps Service of the country is extremely surprising. Although sometimes annoying to most of us.
At a point, some mums will doubt if you truly went to school because they believe most of us would always wish to wear that uniform as much as they want it too.
So Guys, we have a question for you
Why Do Nigerian Mums Think Wearing NYSC Uniform Is A Sign Of Success?
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2 thoughts on “Why Do Nigerian Mums Think Wearing NYSC Uniform Is A Sign Of Success?

  1. Actually, not all mums are dull or uneducated,for instances, mum who had been teach over couples of year, are they ignorances,no,i said, capital No, but what I just observed from their happiness was that, it part of their achievement over their work, mostly, they known that after wearing NYSC ‘s clothe struggling continue but not all of them, but seeing themself,who sent their children to school till they graduate, was prominent achievement in life, and also another point is that, for those who are not well educated Among them, they are happy for seeing their children reach above the level which they can’t go further (mums)… E. T. C

  2. The only thing I see here is that the situation only applied to those mom that don’t educated.. Wearing NYSC uniform is not a sign of success at all.

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