September 27, 2021


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Women Are Humans Not Robots”— Actress, Mary Njoku To Those Expecting Women To Do Everything

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Nollywood actress and producer, Mary Njoku has lamented over how society expect women to work like they don’t have children and raise children as if they don’t work.

Taking to her Instagram page, Mary Njoku who is married to the boss of Iroko TV, Jason Njoku said women are humans and not robots therefore women can only choose one to do and not do both.

She recounted how a frien’s husband complained to her about how his wife does not support him at home.

She wrote;

Haba!! Body no be firewood . We have to either choose one or do a little of BOTH. And Oga has to do a little of BOTH too. To create a balance. Women are humans, not robots!! 
A friend’s husband just complained to me that his wife does nothing to support him. ‘She just sits at home with the boys and eats’
Imagine . 4 sons under 10!!! 
Anyway I don’t think her husband will ever speak to me again . 

Time for a workout!! 

Reacting to her post, a follower identified as @franklynomoaka wrote;

Why are all of you hailing her? 
Having children to care for isn’t an excuse for a woman not to work even if not to support the family but for herself. Nigeria is very tough except you be politician. The man came to you because he sees you have been able to balance work and running of your home. He wanted to know how u did it or how you are doing it. He came to seek advise not insult. What is something happens to the man or his source of income? They can get paid help for domestic chores and children can go to school or crèche. You Mary will never agree to permanently stay at home in the name of taking care of children please advise other women not to do so. 
If she wanted to work and the man stopped her una go still criticize am.

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