July 4, 2022


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Y’all Call Me Ayo Like My Mama’s Kids – Wizkid Laments Over Being Called By His First Name Ayo

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It seems Starboy Wizkid isn’t pleased by the way we all call him by his name Ayo as if we are his siblings and has lamented over that in a recent post.

Wizkid interacting with his fans wanting to know whether they are ready for him since he’s going to begin Made In Lagos tour and the reaction was massive but it appears he didn’t like the way some people were calling him by his name Ayo.

The reply some fans gave him s hows that they are ready for him to have a blast with him as he has been missed and Wizkid also assured some he will be in their country and others didn’t confirm whether he would be there or not.

But one thing that seems to have bothered Wizkid was how some people were calling him by his first name Ayo as if they are siblings hence lamenting that they all are calling him Ayo as if they are his mother’s kids making them siblings.

Everyone appears to love Wizkid and this isn’t the first time someone is addressing him by his first name but it seems he doesn’t want it that way and wants fans to address him with his stage name and family by his first name.

His name Wizkid has actually overshadowed his real name Ayo and it as if he feels so weird when fans and loved ones address him by Ayo and not Wizkid as everyone calls him and that might be why he complained that it like they are all siblings.

screenshot below;

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