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‘Nothing surprises me’ – Real Madrid boss Carlo Ancelotti responds to Kylian Mbappe sanction threat as PSG prepare to file transfer complaint to FIFA



Carlo Ancelotti has responded to claims that PSG plan on reporting Real Madrid to FIFA for their potentially illegal tapping up of Kylian Mbappe.It’s been reported that Real and Mbappe have already reached an agreement in which the French star would pocket a €160 million (£137m/$175m) signing on fee when joining the club as a free agent next year. Without prior authorisation from Paris Saint-Germain, this sort of deal would be against FIFA regulations, a fact that has reportedly led the Parisian side to move for a sanction against Real Madrid. Ancelotti has now responded to this news, saying “nothing surprises me” in relation to the ongoing Mbappe saga.

Ancelotti told a press conference ahead of Real’s pre-season friendly against Juventus this week: “Nothing surprises me. I don’t know about this matter. It is something political in which I do not enter. I leave the political.” It’s no surprise that the Italian wasn’t willing to publicly push for Mbappe’s signing or discuss the matter in serious depth, particularly considering his recent suggestion that he is happy with Real Madrid’s squad in its current shape.

Further complicating the issue of his rumoured move to Madrid, it was recently revealed that Mbappe supposedly rejected a contract clause that would have guaranteed he could leave Paris Saint-Germain next summer. It seems as though all parties want a move to be forced through as soon as possible, but the process is being delayed by the difficulty other clubs are having in raising the staggering sums of money being paid to Mbappe by PSG – even though teams such as Liverpool and Chelsea are apparently actively searching for ways to scrape together the funds to secure his signature.Every day, there’s a new twist in the Mbappe transfer saga, yet one thing that never changes is the assumption that the French star will eventually end up in Madrid. PSG’s reported efforts to get the Spanish club sanctioned by FIFA may not lead anywhere, although they could end up having a significant effect on whether the World Cup winner ends up joining the Spanish giants.