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Davido splashes N577m on diamond necklace to celebrate ‘Timeless’ album



Afrobeat sensation Davido has marked the triumph of his “Timeless” album with the acquisition of an exquisite diamond-encrusted pendant.

Designed by the luxury jewellery brand Local Kettle Brothers UK Jewelers, the pendant reportedly boasts a value exceeding 500 million naira.

Crafted in recognition of his multi-platinum album “Timeless,” the diamond pendant stands as a testament to Davido’s accomplishments in the music industry.

A video posted on Davido’s Instagram showcased the artist receiving the intricately designed jewellery from the creators themselves.

The video depicts the diamond pendant being unveiled from a secure box and elegantly placed around the musician’s neck.

In the caption accompanying the video, Davido expressed his satisfaction, stating, “turned sand to diamond.”

This sentiment reflects the artist’s pride in transforming his artistic endeavour into a dazzling representation of success.

Released earlier this year, “Timeless” has been a resounding success, surpassing the remarkable milestone of 1 billion streams.Davido’s latest acquisition not only symbolises his artistic achievement but also exemplifies his penchant for combining music with opulent style.