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I talk to plants, trees, Singer, Joeboy reveals latent ability



Nigerian singer Joseph Akinfenwa Donus, known as Joeboy, has shared an intriguing aspect of his life: his connection with plants and spirituality.

The popular artist, famous for hits like ‘Baby’, admitted that he talks to the plants in his room as a means of communication.

Joeboy revealed his unique practice as a guest on the Zero Conditions podcast, where he emphasised the importance of spirituality in his life.

He expressed his belief that spiritual grounding, whether through prayers or other means, plays a significant role.

“You need spiritual backing. It is very important. If you don’t do jazz [voodoo], you have to pray.”

The singer also explained his love for nature and why he has tattoos of trees, sharing that he has four plants in his room that he personally cares for.

He affectionately named them Anthony, Themal, Raphael, and Vanessa.

Joeboy admitted to speaking to these plants, considering it a better way to express his feelings than conversing with humans at times.

In his words, “Personally, I like nature. I like plants. I have like four plants in my room.

“I named them Anthony, Themal, Raphael, and Vanessa.

And I actually talk to them. I just tell them how I feel. I think it’s better to talk to plants sometimes than to talk to human beings.”