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Aproko Doctor demands autopsy on Mohbad



In the wake of sad news of singer Mohbad’s death, medical expert, Chinonso Egemba aka Aproko Doctor has called for an autopsy to be carried out.

The 27-year-old rapper was announced dead on Tuesday evening, a news that ruffled the online community, throwing many into grief.

Entertainers, fans and lovers have continued to dole out condolence messages and prayers for the deceased soul and his loved ones left behind.

On the heels of the unfortunate incident, there’s been speculations creeping up from all angles on the internet.

Some claimed Mohbad possibly died of depression owing to the fact that he confessed to battling the same while alive.

Others claimed he was struck with ‘charm’ during his performance at Ikorodu last Sunday.

There are also rumours he died of heart complications as a result of drugs.

Alongside the allegation of passing out and failure to wake up after being injected for an ear infection.

With all these ‘conspiracy’ theories emanating, Egemba strongly recommended an autopsy be carried out on the singer’s corpse.

He touched on the importance of an autopsy noting it was essential to put an end to strange deaths among entertainers.

“An autopsy should and must be done. We need to stop these “mysterious” deaths,” he tweeted.