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“That Pikin No Resemble Mohbad”: VeryDarkBlackMan Insists on DNA, Actress Amarachi Igidimbah Fumes



Controversial Nigerian TikToker, VeryDarkBlackMan (VDBM) has continued to insist that a DNA test should be done for late singer Mohbad’s son. Recall that in an earlier video, the social media user had said that everyone is a suspect in the case of the singer’s death including his 24-year-old wife, Omowunmi, as he reacted to reports of people raising money for their five-month old son.

Not stopping there, the TikToker insisted that the five-month old child does not look like the late Mohbad in any way and a DNA test should be done on him. According to him, it’s possible that Mohbad might have discovered the child not to be his, giving his wife a motive to kill him. He said: “That pikin no resemble Mohbad make una no vex! E no resemble am!”

VeryDarkBlackMan went ahead to add that Mohbad’s widow, Omowunmi, has nothing to lose by doing a DNA test on their son. He noted further that she even stands to gain more if the tests reveal the late singer is truly the boy’s dad. He said: “Secondly the girl has nothing to lose if she does a DNA test. If she does a DNA test and the pikin is actually Mohbad’s child, it’s fine, that solidifies whatever thing she’s getting from the public and solidifies the property she’s even getting from the family. I don’t see how she’s losing in anyway.”

He also said: “If that pikin no be Mohbad pikin, that puts her in the line of she can naturally take the boy’s life as well. We want justice and we go get am.”

Actress Amarachi Igidimbah likens Naira Marley and Sam Larry to VeryDarkBlackMan VeryDarkBlackMan’s comments on how a DNA test should be done on Mohbad’s son was met with displeasure from some netizens including actress Amarachi Igidimbah. According to the movie star, there is not difference between Naira Marley, Sam Larry and VeryDarkBlackMan. She called him a bully for antagonising a young woman who just lost her husband.

thefoodnetworknig2: “Imagine it was a woman that died and people want to contribute money for the husband, who will ask for DNA? Prejudice against women is real and very unfair!” ladyque_1:

“For the fact that mohbad never doubted the paternity of his child makes it very disrespectful.” priscillia_oluchi_: “Even a blind man will see that little munchkin is a carbon copy of his father. However, I understand that everyone is a suspect in this case but I feel the DNA part is wrong timing. I could be wrong too.” elle_alasho: “Exactly. Same thing I thought about yesterday when I saw the video… I Mohbad didn’t question the paternity of the boy when who are we to do so? The boy is his son till his death so please let’s respect that”

ask.dehrine: “ women go through a lot in this society for real.” isibor____: “Wetin women dey see for society nor be small.”

loveday_columbiana: “NO empathy at all‍♀️ Ask yourself this question. If this girl is my younger sister, will I be asking her for DNA 6 days after her husband’s demise when she’s in so much pain? Let ur answer judge ur conscience.” stanbnx: “If we truly want a justice, We should take emotions aside and face the truth, If the investigation requires a DNA then I don’t see no reason why it shouldn’t be done.”

the_brown_cutie_: “Women in this comment section men go through worse things but don’t talk about it … every time una go use emotional blackmail strategy.” mz_emperorking: “I don’t see any big issue in running a DNA test on mohbads son, women you all stop all this acting when it comes to DNA. If e sure for you why you go dey fear?.”