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“Mohbad Is Liam’s Father”: Singer’s Friend Hayan Says Wunmi Is Innocent, Breaks Down in Video



Adewale Akorede, one of Ilerioluwa Aloba, aka Mohbad’s friends, has spoken up about Wunmi’s loyalty to the late singer.

In a video which has gone viral, Hayan warned Nigerians to stay off Wunmi because she is innocent and did not kill his friend.

Hayan said the first time he met Mohbad, he was with Wunmi, and she stood with him through thick and thin, loyal and faithful.

In tears, the young man lamented over the fact that his friend is yet to get justice days after his death, but instead, Nigerians chose to attack his wife and young son.

Hayan also hinted that the late singer died so young because he was bullied a lot and became hypertensive, which threw him into depression. He wrote: “@iammohbad left this wicked world 50 days today, and yet no justices no burial no autopsy results yet and his innocent wife is labelled a murderer and his lovely son is called a bastaard by Nigerians y’all failed my brother because we spoke up when everything started because our silent didn’t means wickedness. One thing I love most is none of us is going to leave this world alive, we are all going to die it is just painful ImoleCould you add a comment? left quickly with all the bullies that gave Him hypertension that, led him to depression and made him die young. So sad.”

See the post below

Here’s a video of Hayan in tears as he went live on Instagram to warn Nigerians to leave his late friend’s wife alone.

Hayan also answered questions on live about Mohbad, their friendship and his wife.

Watch the clip below:

Netizens react to Hayan’s posts

Read comments gathered from Hayan’s posts below:


“See Mohbad real guys none of them done accuse Wunmi, na people wey. Sabi nothing the make noise up and down. Take heart Hayan.” joyofthee: “I have said before and I will say it again, you Hayan, Diarra, Lifestyle and Iba J will be the ones that will speak against Wunmi that I will believe. Until then I stand with her. Iba J has come to say people should stop spreading rumors about Wunmi that even Mohbad will not like it.” papdimane______: “2019 this guy na him best friend we dy same hotel omo then they use 2.4 camery then.most of you don’t know the pains this guy is going through.”


Hayan please be strong,thanks for speaking up for Cynthia and Liam….na friend you be from way back. trina_joness “True because she was with him when he had nothing so why would she leave when things started getting better and they just got a child.”


“I’ve been wondering too what exactly she will gain by killing him, the celebrity status gone, he just left his record label so money never surplus like that, she even has a 5 month old. Who wants to be a widow at 24 with a baby?”


“You don’t know Nigerians ! They are so mean !! Because this is why they were taught how punish the wife of a deceased man , Africa magic played a major role in them.”


“I pity the girl, coz even if she’s innocent some people go still doubt am, VDM don inject lot of people’s brain with his ‘assumptions’ and they took it personal.”