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“The Gods Will Be Happy”: Kanayo Finally Uses Oga Sabinus for Ritual, Video Trends



Popular skit maker and actor Emmanuel Chukwuemeka Ejekwu, aka Oga Sabinus or Mr Funny, has stirred hilarious reactions with a new video of him featuring Nollywood star Kanayo O. Kanayo.

A clip from the skit showed Sabinus attempting to woo a lady as he posed beside a car that he claimed was his.

Despite bragging about his wealth, the lady turned down Sabinus, saying she doesn’t fall in love with material things.

After his love interest rejected his advances, Sabinus pretended to enter the car he claimed was his, only to be joined by two strange men in the backseat.

In the long run, it dawned on Sabinus was in trouble as he appealed to the driver to stop the car.

While trying to save himself, the skit maker tapped the man in the front seat beside the driver, only to discover that it was Kanayo.

Watch the funny video Sabinus shared below:

Meanwhile, Royalng reported that Sabinus slammed crossdresser Jay Boogie.

This was after the crossdresser took to social media to cry for help from Nigerians over his health.

Netizens react as Sabinus features Kanayo in skit compiled some of the hilarious comments that trailed the video, see them below:


“This night the gods will be happy. And sabinus fat o! Sacrifice huge.”


“Huge sacrifice done show.”


“After many years na u Kanayo come see.”


“Imagine using an investor for ritual …. More ahead ahead.” tmtpilot: “This is highest mistake so far.”


“Kanayo don renew his sacrifice.”


“When we go see sabinus na oooh.”